Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Reading

What do you read over the holidays? This is usually a time when we have more reading time partly because we aren’t studying or working, but mostly because we are spending hours waiting (airports, planes, etc.) It is a great time to catch up and try something new, too.

As the holidays approach and I get busier and busier, my New Yorker Magazines pile up. I like to bring magazines on trips because I can lighten my load as I finish them and throw them out.

My husband and I are going to Greece next summer on our honeymoon. To prepare, I am reading Greece: A Traveler’s Literary Companion. We are also starting to learn some travel Greek and I am packing a helpful book of phrases. We hope that if we learn a word or two a day, we’ll have enough to easily get by in the small towns. This has turned out to be a bigger task than I’d imagined (I forgot about the different alphabet!), but the new grammar and sounds stretches my mind. I look forward to seeing how it influences my poetry writing. Italian grammar has crept in continually, so I expect Greek grammar will do the same.

So, what’s in your bag this holiday?

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