Friday, January 15, 2010

Guest Poet: Dottie Ward-Wimmer

In addition to teaching writing on the college level, I work privately with poetry, fiction and trade publication authors.

I have been working with Dottie Ward-Wimmer for the last few months. She is a beginning poet with great wisdom and attention to detail. I was struck by the precise image of hope in the following poem. Here, hope is both held and created by an individual human. Dottie was kind enough to allow me to share this poem with you. I expect that this is her first of many future publications.


Gentle cup
     made of hands,
holds hope
     while rage sifts through…

About the Author:

Dottie Ward-Wimmer is an ordinary woman: mother, grandmother, nurse, play therapist and now, poet. She was born in New Jersey and raised her children there. Later, she moved to the DC area to work with children who had experienced trauma. In 2004 Chambersburg, PA, beckoned, so she settled there and still works with kids part time. Although degrees on the wall are from Georgian Court College and New York University, nature and the people in her life are her real teachers.

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