Thursday, January 14, 2010

Staying up-to-date: Creative Writers Opportunities List

We all know that there are a billion websites, blogs (ahem…), and other resources for writers. How can we simplify our lives and focus on the most important ones?

One way is to rely on only a few select resources. I highly recommend the Yahoo Creative Writers Opportunities List. You’ll need a Yahoo account in order to sign up for emails from this Yahoo Group. If you don’t usually use a Yahoo email address, you can have the emails forwarded to another account.

The “CRWROPPS-B” Group, as its known, sends out daily calls for submissions and contest information for writers of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. There are also occasional job announcements.

Here is a sample of the daily announcements from yesterday’s digest. The email version would follow with the details.

1. call for flash nonfiction: shady side review

2. split this rock poetry contest: deadline extended

3a. poetry book contest: American Poetry Journal

4. prize for poetry and prose books published in 2009: Devil's Kitchen

5. for CT residents: Poet Laureate sought

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