Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poem "Nest" Published in Lines + Stars

Thanks to DC area literary journal Lines + Stars for publishing my poem Nest. I hope you will stay a while and read all of the lovely pieces.

Poems can be fictional, although they are often inspired by real life events or emotional truths. In this poem, I responded to an actual bird’s nest that was built outside of my parents’ screened-in porch. These being quite urban, New Jersey birds, their nests weren’t only made from natural debris. Whenever we would walk out the screen door, one of the birds who kept guard above would swoop down and fly hard into our backs. These were fierce birds!

It was also a reflection on moving in with my now-husband for the first time. Our search for a home in another, far-away state wasn’t easy, but we did find an apartment that seemed just right.

Ultimately, we are all searching for the safe place we call home.

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