Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day Writing Prompts

The Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region are slowed down by snow today. To this writer, that means a chance to sit back with some hot cocoa, a pen and my favorite journal to write. Sometimes I start with a writing prompt.

Writing prompts help writers to move their words in a new direction. Today, let’s try using the snow as a prompt. For this exercise, write for five minutes – nonstop – on the prompts that inspire you. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar or logic. If you can’t think of anything to write, you can simply repeat the word “snow.”

Why reject the mechanics of writing and editing? Why not ponder your ideas and carefully craft each sentence or verse? Because a writing prompt is meant to jiggle the ideas in your mind and reach for something new. After you’ve written nonstop, return and underline the phrases, sentences or even simply the words that you can expand upon more slowly and with more reflection. You never know what you’ll find!


1. Write for five minutes describing the snow according to all or one of the five senses.

2. Animate the snow. If it were living and could make decisions (perhaps it seems like it already can!), what would it do? Where would it go? What would it say?

3. Describe your first experience with snow.

4. If you were to make a recipe using snow (think beyond Italian ice at the Boardwalk… be creative), what would you make?

Looking for more inspiration? Read these poems involving snow on Poets.Org. 

If you enjoy these prompts, consider taking my online memoir writing class this May. An number of prompts will be offered in an effort to help mine your memories and create something original.

You are welcome to share your responses or writings in the Comment box below.

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