Wednesday, March 17, 2010

“Adea” Published in PoetSpeak

Thank you to PoetSpeak for publishing my poem, along with an audio reading, of my poem “Adea.”

This poem tells the story, as my great aunt has so many times, of how she was named by a midwife. Her mother requested one name to be written on the birth certificate, but she didn’t know how to spell it. Therefore, the midwife wrote her own mother’s name which sounded similar to her.

My great aunt’s mother always called her Adea, but everyone else called her Dora. Eventually, she became known as Dora. My great aunt turns 102 this June. Our birthdays are only two days apart and we always celebrate together.

I have written many memoir poems which narrate my family’s emigration from southern Italy to New Jersey in the 1800s. If you are interested in working on your memoir, in prose or fiction, I encourage you to consider taking my online, two week memoir writing class this May.

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