Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Essay on Marriage Published in the series "This I Believe"

Thank you to the series This I Believe for recently publishing my essay In a Month I Will Be Married.

My husband and I had a less traditional engagement and wedding. In this essay, I explore some of our decisions. I began writing the essay over the summer, submitted it in September, married in October, and learned it was accepted a few days ago. (As I always say, writing, revising and submitting is a long process.)

The essay begins, “In about a month I will be ChloĆ© Miller. That is to say, the same person I am now, with the same name. Without a “Mrs.” and wedding band, my marriage will be invisible to outsiders.”

If you’d like to continue reading, please click here.

After only five months of marriage, the wedding planning and this essay already feels distant. A few details changed since I wrote it. What hasn't changed is that it seems as if my husband and I have been married for years. In fact, we’ll be celebrating four years since our first date next month!

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