Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Do You Read?

I’ve been considering making my blogs available on Kindle. Would you read them there?

How do you read? There are so many options: Do you download articles to your Kindle or your IPhone? Do you buy books in your local independent bookstore or order them from Amazon? Do you visit your library for audio books or read a literary magazine in a bookstore’s cafĂ© with a cup of coffee? The many ways one can read continues to grow and sometimes baffle.

At least they baffle me. I’ve always been a book-and-pen-in-hand-kind-of-girl. I enjoy sitting in a chair by a window and underlining sections. Sometimes I tag pages with post-it-notes. My bookshelf dedicated to poetry has scraps of paper peaking out of the books I’ve enjoyed the most. I’ve resisted the Kindle and other space savers.

That is, until now. I’m starting to crack and rely more and more on technological advances that are slowly changing my habits. We canceled our Sunday subscription to the New York Times and I’ve learned to read it online. Just yesterday I gave into the IPhone which I learned has an app that allows readers to download books like a Kindle. As we plan our upcoming honeymoon to Greece, I can’t help but be excited about downloading books instead of packing an extra heavy bag of reading to lug around.

Times are changing and I’ve resisted change as long as I could. Maybe our upcoming move to a will be easier with less new boxes of books. I’m not tossing my old books, though, and I do expect to continue to buy print copies of new favorite books. I don’t change that quickly and completely.

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