Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Three Things You Can Do To Help Michigan: Poet Keith Taylor

As a means to encourage economic and cultural growth in Michigan, poet Keith Taylor  encourages us to support the arts on NPR’s “Three Things.” In this radio show, Michigan Radio's Morning Edition host Christina Shockley interviews people about three things we can all do to support Michigan.

Poet Keith Taylor’s list of three things was thoughtful and close to my writer’s heart. I encourage you to listen to the entire piece.

He describes the first thing as a “Cultural version of ‘Buy Local’” He encourages residents to go to see local cultural events and visit cultural venues (theater, readings, bookstores, museums etc.) His list would support all incomes.

Then, he suggests supporting public school systems as this will have lasting effects on the town, as well as the students educated.

Finally, he reminds us that the rest of the state cannot forget Detroit. He says, “The urban environment is a part of the world culture and this is our urban environment.” Admitting that more non-Detroiters going into Detroit might require a “shift in attitude,” he reminds us of the importance of this city.

Help Michigan. Help the Arts.


Melabee said...

Thanks for sharing this interview. These ideas are not only important for citizens of Michigan but for those living in other states, cities or communities.

Chloe Yelena Miller said...