Thursday, March 4, 2010

Writing Prompt: Imagine & Look Closely

For today’s writing prompt, look closely at a photograph and imagine being in the scene. Use your five senses to describe the setting. For example, what would it sound like? If you bend down, what would the ground feel like? What does the air feel like? Is there a taste or perfume in the air? What are the details you notice? What do you think the photographer decided not to show you? For example, what is outside the frame?

My mother is a photographer and I grew up always being reminded to look around me. This is an important skill for an artist working in any medium. Here is a poem I wrote about my mother teaching me to look closely at the world.

My mother, Melabee Miller, keeps a monthly photoblog that would work perfectly for this exercise. Start with the series of images she shares that create a narrative for the reader/viewer this month. Rebelling against the terrible snow storms that have hit the East Coast recently, she shares photographs from Puerto Rico. Even if you’ve never been there, look closely at the photographs and imagine the setting.

I invite you to share your drafts in the Comments section below.

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