Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Writing Prompt: Mangia!

Food offers so many metaphors and associations for readers. For today’s writing prompt, eat something tasty (good excuse, right?) and then write for five to ten minutes on the taste. The food can be exotic or ordinary.

Consider your five senses when you describe the food. Taste is established not only by taste buds, but also through our sense of smell, touch (texture), sound, and sight. When you revise, you can place the food within a physical, narrative or emotional context.

I took a writing workshop in high school in which the instructor gave us all small pebbles to put in our mouths and consider. For this exercise, I prefer to use food to avoid an obvious choking hazard and frankly, because I love to cook and eat. (Have you read my food blog recently?)

Would you share your draft with us?

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