Friday, May 28, 2010

Blogging About Blogging

The other day I attended a brown bag lunch discussion on blogging led by’s lead blogger, Edward Vielmetti. He offered some suggestions about how to effectively blog, from finding your own voice to being interested in your subject in order to interest your reader.

Here are a few suggestions that I found most useful:

Follow the AP style guide, especially if you are interested in attracting serious readers who are accustomed to reading newspapers.

If you need to brainstorm ideas, try writing a list of headlines for posts you wish you’d already written.

Cultivate your audience through social networking sites and commenting on other blogs, but also by asking particular readers (via email, phone, etc.) for comments on individual posts.

After you’ve blogged for a year, build on the seasonally relevant posts you wrote the year before.

There’s nothing wrong with writing something and scheduling it for the future after you’ve had a chance to more fully consider, revise and edit your post.

Make your blog part of a reading journey, rather than a destination. Be generous and link to other related blogs.

If you are interested in more, I highly recommend the Huffington Post’s Complete Guide to Blogging.

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