Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Travel Writing Workshop @Presse Bookstore in Georgetown this September

I will be presenting a Travel Writing Workshop at Presse Bookstore in Georgetown one weeknight evening in September. This two hour, interactive workshop will ask a small group of participants to write, peer edit and discuss travel writing.

There is no travel requirement. I like to say that many people have never been where you currently are. Good writing requires an attentive eye and precise writing. The skills you work on in this workshop will be applicable to almost any other kind of writing. More details to come as we get closer to September.

I met with Presse’s owner, Harvetta Asamoah, when I was recently in Georgetown. A translator and avid reader, she is enthusiastic about good books and welcoming the community into her bookstore for events. Her website lists book clubs, language classes, readings and more. Keep up to date by joining the related Meetup Groups.

I think you’ll love the book selection at Presse. There is a large selection of world literature and language study aids. (And you know how I love world languages, especially Italian!)

Hope to see you there in September! The bus stops right outside the bookstore. Nothing could be easier.

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