Thursday, August 19, 2010

Publishing Your Cookbook

I’m teaching Food Writing, an online writing class through Fairleigh Dickinson University, this summer. While it makes me unbearably hungry to read their restaurant reviews (the onion rings they describe!), it has been a lot of fun to teach such motivated students a subject close to my heart.

The class is reading Dianne Jacob’s text Will Write For Food. The author keeps a regular blog with the same title. Today’s post, “Want to Write a Cookbook? Top Editors Reveal Best Subjects and Formats,” nicely supplements the text and answers the types of questions I receive from private writing students.

If you are interested in food, recipe or creative non-fiction writing, I encourage you to not only read this blog post, but click around the rest of Jacob’s site and read her book. I know I learned a lot.

To help support this blog, I encourage you to purchase her text through my Amazon store. You might be curious to click through the book recommendations I’ve posted there.

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