Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Writing Prompt: Everyday Objects

As my husband and I finish packing to move from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Washington, D.C., I can’t help but think about the many memories associated with some of my belongings: Pushing in the nose of a stuffed animal after receiving it as a birthday gift in the third grade. Wearing these Capri pants out to dinner in Florence and getting bug bites on my ankles. Always keeping this mug, which a friend gave me as a going away present, on my desk filled with markers for doodling.

While this doesn’t make for efficient packing, it does make a good writing prompt. Choose an everyday object that is important to you. You might want to pick something you look at everyday that has become a part of your home landscape. Write for 5-10 minutes without stopping and describe your memories associated with the object. You might think about when you received it, the homes you’ve displayed it in, etc.

Will you share what you’ve written in the Comments section below?

P.S.: We are moving over the next two days; the blog will return on Friday. Keep your fingers crossed for a smooth move.

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