Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Writing Prompt: Your Monologue

Each of us has a unique speech pattern and manner of speaking. For today’s writing prompt, write a monologue exactly the way you would say it. You could choose a subject that gets you particularly riled up (inequality or even just a rude salesman.) Then, imagine how you would tell someone this story on the phone. Write down exactly what you would say. If you were in front of the person telling your story, you might depend on facial expressions or gestures. Since the exercise requires you to pretend you are on the phone, then your voice and words are all that you have available to you to tell your story. Imagine also that you are telling the story to your best friend; this means that you won’t self-censor the story.

After you write your piece, notice the language. What words or phrases are fairly unique to you? How did you frame and present the piece? What role does grammar and word choice play in your particular piece? It might be easiest to notice these issues if you write the same story in the voice of someone who is very different from you. The contrast will make your choices even more evident.

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