Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Best Writing Advice?

What’s the best piece of writing advice that you ever received? Maybe it came from a professor, workshop leader, peer or even friend who rarely reads creative writing (except for yours.)

I often wonder if I should include a particularly strong detail, emotion or moment in a poem. My husband, always supportive, will simply ask, “Why not?” I never have a good reason.

I hope you will share your thoughts below in the Comments section.


JamieC. said...

Kurt Vonnegut once told me that a good story needs sex. In his crazy Kurt Vonnegut words, my story needed, "Moooorrrree SEXXXX!"

He wasn't just telling me to write a big sex scene in the middle of my story. He was nutty, but I'm not sure he was that perverse. His interest, as he went on to describe, was more in character development and creating a spark to keep the characters interesting.

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Wow! That's a great story! Thanks for reading.