Friday, September 3, 2010

Ode to Writing Prompts by Jen Maidenberg

Thank you to Jen Maidenberg for today's guest blog post! Her poem Ode to Writing Prompts makes me smile. Indeed, there are writing possibilities everywhere!


Before I took two recent memoir writing classes with Chloe, I wasn’t familiar with the phrase “writing prompt,” nor how valuable it could be to budding memoir writers. Little did I know that the phrase would tag along behind me, even after class was finished. Nudging me. Nagging me. Inspiring me. Here is my Ode to Writing Prompts.

Ode to Writing Prompts
Writing prompts are everywhere now.

In the living room. Under my bed. On the way to work.

They pop up at random.

They take the shape of an old wallet. My great-grandmother’s antique chair. The dust web hanging from the ceiling. And the crack in the wall.

Writing prompts while PMSing or waxing nostalgic or drying my hair.

Writing prompts are everywhere now.

Suddenly I need to schedule more time

To write. To think. To remember.

I type my way past pain.

It’s healing me in ways I don’t even know. My head is lighter. My heart hurts less.

Suddenly I am a poet.

I am.

Jen Maidenberg is the founder of Mindful Living NJ and currently wakes people up to wellness at The Wellness Bitch.


Jen said...

I greatly enjoyed this poem.

And I can absolutely empathize with it.

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Thanks for reading, Jen. I think this poem reflects what so many of us experience!