Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick Blogging Tips

Raise your hand if you’ve recently read a poorly written blog. That’s what I thought. Here are a few quick tips to ensure that your blog never falls into that category.

Have a focus to your content.

Finish your thought. Lots of folks will start a thought and then leave it hanging. Delve deeper.

Maybe your entry is starting to meander. Perhaps you should break the entry into two, or even three, entries?

Outline and organize your thoughts.

Properly link to outside sources and give credit to others.

Know your audience. How much background information do they need?

Revise, revise, revise.

Edit, edit, edit.

Is that so different from essay writing? No, of course not. The only difference is that instead of writing a formal, academic essay, you can be less formal.

When you are blogging, keep a schedule and let readers know when your blog post is up (social media, emails, etc.) That will help keep your readers actively clicking on your blog. Some blogs, like Practicing Writer, has a theme every day so readers know what to expect.

Overwhelmed with ideas on some days but can’t remember them another day? Why not keep notes for the future and remember what you want to blog about in the future? If you are stuck, you can always follow up on earlier posts, respond to other writing or pose questions to your readers.

Think blogging won't work for your business? Dianne Jacob’s blog post How Blogging Got My Book Reviewed on Epicurious will prove you wrong.

What suggestions would you add?

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