Monday, October 11, 2010

Writing Prompt: Weather

We are all affected by the weather. The other day when it was grey and rainy, my mood shifted a bit and shadowed the sky. Of course, there is beauty in all types of weather. I photographed these ginkgo leaves outside our apartment and was moved by the rainwater gathered on them. A poem didn’t quite grow out of that observation, but the lines I wrote might turn into something more complete later.

For today’s prompt, I suggest that you notice not only the effect of weather on your mood, but also on other animate and inanimate things. You might start by looking closely at how the light shifts at different times of day or how different it is this season from last.

Write for ten minutes without stopping and see if there are lines, words, or ideas that you can expand upon later.

You are welcome to share your writing in the Comments section below.

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