Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Readings & Literary Events in Portland, Oregon

I quite love Portland, Oregon. The bookstores, coffee, treats and landscape are always welcoming.

We make a point to visit at least one of the Powell’s bookstores when we are in town. The main store is literally a city block of books, new and used. It is the largest poetry section I’ve ever seen outside of a university library and I always leave with a new find.

Based on a list of local reading series I found at the bookstore and some research, here is a list of the ones that stood out. (Please comment below if you have any to recommend, remove or better links to provide.)

Here are some other Portland, Oregon, area events:

Open Mikes:

For even more, check out the Reading Local: Portland blog. Finally, you might be interested in Literary Arts. 

I look forward to attending a reading during a summer visit to the west coast this year. Which ones are your favorites?


Angie said...

Great links, Chloe. Thanks. I, too, love Portland and try to make it up there at least once a year.

Powell's is a must, of course, but on past visits to Portland I've usually been more focused on food, restaurants, & coffee and haven't made it any readings. And because I'm only in town for a day or two, invariably I look at the Powell's Events Calendar and find I have just missed someone I would have loved to have seen (Margaret Atwood, Jhumpa Lahiri, China Miéville).

But now that I have your list I can do a little advance planning and schedule my visit around readings instead.

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Thanks for reading, Angie. Isn't Portland great? I've done some food-blogging about it here:

Stumptown Coffee was really fantastic. What's your favorite place?