Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Online Grammar Exercises

I know, you think grammar is boring. When your teachers brought it up in class you wanted to snooze (or text?) Those commas are pesky and what are semi-colons, anyway?

It isn't terribly easy to correct your grammar if you make systematic errors. You can "read like an editor" and pay attention to the mechanics and punctuation of each sentence that you read. That gets old fast, though, right?

I often refer students to the website for Diana Hacker's book A Writer's Reference. There, you can not only learn about how to use words and punctuation properly, but also complete exercises that explain why your answers were correct (or not.) It is friendly and easy to use. (The site might ask you to log in. You can simply click "cancel" and continue on.)

What are your favorite sites to help with these issues?

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