Monday, May 23, 2011

Janelle Adsit's Creative Writing Pedagogy Bibliography

Thank you to Janelle Adsit, English PhD candidate at SUNY Albany, for today’s guest blog about the Creative Writing Pedagogy Bibliography  she created and maintains. It serves writing teachers and writers well. 

I’m quite happy to have met Janelle at the annual NeMLA conference this spring. We were on a panel together about community in the composition classroom. 


I hope that those who are working in the field of creative writing will find the bibliography useful. It lists many of the articles and books on creative writing pedagogy published since 1980. I am thrilled that these creative writing pedagogy sources can be included in Dr. Rebecca Moore Howard's excellent collection of bibliographies; her website is a valuable resource for those who are interested in English studies, composition and rhetoric.

I compiled this bibliography for my master's thesis, which I completed at Colorado State University under the direction of Dr. Sue Doe. My thesis consists of two main parts: 1) a review of recent creative writing pedagogy literature and 2) an investigation of the aesthetic criteria promoted by six frequently used poetry- and fiction-writing, college-level textbooks. One article from my thesis is forthcoming from Continuum Press in an anthology titled Dispatches from the Classroom.

It's always great to hear from others who are working in the field of creative writing studies. Feel free to email me with questions or just to say hello. I try to keep the bibliography up to date, so I invite readers to send me the citation information for any sources that I am missing: ja677282(at)albany(dot)edu.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank Naomi Lederer for her help in compiling this bibliography. The Colorado State University community is very fortunate to have Professor Lederer's expertise.

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