Thursday, June 9, 2011

Writing Prompt: Handwrite on Paper

Most of us are used to typing on the computer. We write (type) with both hands and look up at the screen to see what we’ve typed. Our relationship to the word is different than if we used one hand to hold a pen and perhaps one to hold the paper or notebook in place. That is, if we heard the scratching of our pen and had to physically move across the paper and back again.

If we return to writing by hand, at least now and again, we will see our words differently. We might even cross something out instead of deleting something forever in a word processing document.

For today's writing prompt, handwrite something. You might write a letter to a loved one or you might continue to work on a section of that draft that you’ve been editing. Whatever it is, spend at least ten minutes looking down at your work in natural (or electric) light. Don’t look at your computer screen or phone screen to research anything. (Certainly don’t glance at your email, FB, or anything else.) Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. Just write and see what happens.

After ten minutes or so have passed, read over what you wrote. You might underline key ideas. You might re-write what you wrote by hand to edit or return to old habits and type your work into the computer. That’s fine. I’m not against using the computer (clearly), but I do believe in changing up the creative process now and again. You never know what might happen.

Or maybe, now that you’ve done the prompt, you do know what happened. Will you share your results or process below?

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Amy said...

Great idea.