Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Job Searching for Writers

Committing ourselves to writing often means that we don’t want to commit to a full-time job. As a result, we might find that we are cobbling together part-time jobs.

After working in the career counseling office at Sarah Lawrence College as a graduate student and successfully securing p/t gigs these last few years, I’ve become experienced in the job search. Below, please find a list of resources that I’ve found most helpful. You might also be interested in two articles that I wrote for Inside Higher Ed about online teaching: Landing Online Teaching Jobs  and Should You Teach Online?

Teaching Writing:

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (look for your region’s consortium)

College or university department or human resources webpage

Non Profit Sector Jobs:

Jobs for Writers:

Local Listings:

Local Newspaper

Local sites: My favorite in D.C. is dcjobs  

Try contacting your undergraduate or graduate career counseling offices or alumni associations for additional help. If you meet folks, through the associations or elsewhere, who have jobs that interest you, you might consider asking them for an informational interview in order to learn more about the career. 

What other resources would you recommend?

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