Monday, July 11, 2011

Poetry, Prose and Art on HIV/AIDS: Spaces Between Us

Writing and publishing poetry can be a tricky business. Literally.

While I was an MFA candidate at Sarah Lawrence College in 2004, I wrote Mouth Pebble. I submitted the poem nine times, starting in 2004, before it was accepted for publication in the anthology Spaces Between Us: Poetry, Prose, and Art on HIV/AIDS

I saw a call for this anthology on the Creative Writers Opportunities List and submitted the poem in May, 2009. I received an email accepting the poem that November. The book was published in September, 2010, and I only discovered that it was out this spring (2011.)

Alas. These things happen. Between the acceptance and publication, I moved from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic. Perhaps something got lost in the shuffle.

I just received the copy of the anthology that I ordered from Amazon and I’m flattered to be among such great writers as Kwame Dawes, Rafael Campo and others. HIV/AIDS, of course, remains a serious issue, even in this era of medication.

My poem Mouth Pebble displays my early obsessions with health and food. The narrative of this poem was inspired primarily by two stories: a gay, male friend who is HIV positive and another friend who once found a pebble in her cooked fish. Of course, I added, deleted and changed many details. The final, published version is quite far from the original inspirations.

I invite you to help support this blog and purchase your copy of Spaces Between Us: Poetry, Prose and Art on HIV/AIDS in this blog’s Amazon store.

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