Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Blog? (Times Three)

Sunset from our hotel room on Santorini, Greece, on our honeymoon

I love to travel and so does my husband. Just the other day, I asked him which places on Earth he most wants to see. He answered, “All of them.”

For now, we are planning a winter trip to China. As we prepare and learn more about China, we are blogging about it. Meanwhile, after living in Italy for four years, I keep a blog about Italian language and cuisine.

Along with this blog, that means I keep three blogs. Three. I write them while I’m also writing poetry and creative nonfiction for publication, teaching online classes, teaching writing privately, teaching Italian language, teaching Italian cooking, and sometimes doing laundry. I’m a busy girl.

I’m also a happy girl. Most writers are passionate not only about writing, but also about particular subjects. Language, food and culture fit closely together for me. I learn as I research and then organize my thoughts into writing. I hope that the information that I share is helpful for readers. Teaching writing, language and cooking similarly inspires me.

I always tell my writing students that the best way to improve their writing skills is to write and read. These blogs not only allow, but encourage, me to do both regularly.

To keep things organized, I keep a schedule. I blog here three times a week, about Italian language and cuisine once a week and, with my husband, about traveling to China twice a week. It wouldn’t be possible for me to blog three times a day about three different topics.

If you are considering blogging, I recommend that you choose a narrow topic for a blog and create a schedule for yourself. This will keep you focused and organized.

Do you blog? I’d love to add your blog to the list of Reader’s Sites on the left hand column of resources. Share your link below in the Comments section.

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