Friday, August 12, 2011

Writing Prompt: Time

Who doesn’t like to complain about time? We are either rushed without enough time or waiting for something that takes too much time. Time can be a vague concept or a very closely watched clock.

For today's writing prompt, write about time. Choose an instance when time has been such a strong presence that it seems to take over all other thoughts.

Some ideas: Perhaps you’re sitting on a plane for a long trip and the seconds lag behind everything else. Or, you’re running for the next plane fearing you might miss the final call. You might be more optimistic and choose to describe time once you arrive to your vacation destination after that dreadful plane ride. Perhaps time has suddenly paused and you find that you can breath again.  

Write non-stop for five to ten minutes and then go back and underline the key lines/ideas/images that emerge.

I'd love to read your piece or responses to the exercise below in the Comments section.

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