Monday, November 14, 2011

Etsy Shop: Postcard Poetry

Photograph by Melabee M. Miller

Did you know that I have two sets of postcard poetry available in my Etsy shop?

One set, the first one I created, is based on memories of my great Aunt Dora. The poems have titles in the present tense, defining a contemporary action that led me to a memory. The poems themselves are written in the past tense.

The second set is a series of love poems paired with photography of sea, land and sky taken by my mother, photographer Melabee M. Miller. The image above is one of them.

While early drafts of the poems from both sets were firmly grounded in my own experiences, further revision moves the emotional heart and human truth of each into a more universal realm. They are not meant to be historical documents, but rather artist interpretations of our lives together as humans.

I hope you'll visit my Etsy shop for more details. 

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