Friday, February 3, 2012

Writers' Room in Washington, D.C.?

I was excited to see (anonymous) folks posting about a possible “Writers Room DC.” They are looking for feedback about what local writers might be looking for in a space like this. And, very kindly, they offer a free week to anyone who offers some feedback in response to their posted questions.

While I don’t know who is behind it or if they’d be excited about poets (their page only mentions research and fiction writers), I’m pretty thrilled at the prospect.

The idea behind it is essentially a workspace for rent in an office with other writers. If it is like other writers' rooms, it would be inexpensive, flexible and as long-term/short-term as you like. You, the writer, gains a dedicated work space for creative projects and a community (or, at least as much as you’d like of one.) 

Do you belong to a writers room/space/collective in another city? 

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