Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Social Networking: Pinterest

To avoid being left behind, I joined Pinterest. I’m also on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and SheWrites.

I’m a little sea-sick from all of this scrolling. Am I keeping up with the times or scrambling to play with the cool kids?

About two years ago, I blogged about how Facebook could be useful (or not) for writers. I still think that Facebook is both a great way to connect professionally with other writers and that some really interesting conversations and information sharing happens there. Sure, there's lots of gossip and crap, but I’ve learned some useful things on Facebook and (mostly) enjoyed myself at the same time. Facebook provides an interactive space for users.

I haven’t found Pinterest to be as interactive. I’ve “pinned” some sites and articles and started to follow some friends, but, I’m not sure I really get it. 

The board categories, where users can organize the board topics, are pretty broad. So I suppose I shouldn’t have been disappointed not to see “writing” (to be fair, there is one called “Film, Music & Books”). The categories are a little light. Is this related to the gender trouble described recently in Salon?

While Pinterest could be good for artists, there have been copyright concerns. Mostly, though, I’ve found the site boring.

If you are enjoying Pinterest professionally or personally, I’d love to hear why. After all, I'd like to play, too. 

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