Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Reading

Library of Congress

I have strict rules about my bookshelves. I won’t put books on the “regular” bookshelves unless I’ve read them (reference books don’t count.) I have a separate shelf (and piles) for books I haven’t read yet.

In an attempt to clean up (and make more room for new books), my husband and I recently put together three boxes (!) of boxes to bring to a used bookstore to sell. They were mostly books we’d read and knew we’d never read again or couldn’t bear to read.

I’m giving myself an ultimatum (rude, right?): I have to read the books on the “not-ready-yet-bookshelf” or sell/give them away. I haven’t given myself a deadline yet, though, which is probably a mistake.

War and Peace, a classic I’m ashamed to have never read, is on that shelf, as is the anthology Writing Ann Arbor, which I purchased at AWP before we moved to Ann Arbor in 2008. And there are others, none of which could be classified as “light beach reading.”

And still, I always want to buy more books. And take others out of the library.

Aside from the (re)reading for my summer classes, I’m hoping to make a dent on this shelf this summer. I’ve started with Carlo Levi’s Christ Stopped in Eboli, a book I picked up in Florence before I left in 2003 for graduate school.

What will you be reading this summer?

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