Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bread Loaf Writers' Conference 2012

Even in this record D.C.-summer heat, I'm excited about being invited to attend the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vt., next month. I've heard sunset-perfect tales about the workshops, readings, lectures and writerly wanderings around the area.

I'm waiting to hear about which poet's workshop I'll be placed in and deciding which poems to send for the workshop. And travel plans. I guess I can't stay on this poetry cloud, but rather need to make some plans.

I had been wait-listed and was less-than-patiently trying to figure out when I might hear (of course, the program doesn't know when participants might drop out, so it is hard for them to give a firm timeline.) Because of all of my (fruitless) searching, I thought I'd save you the trouble:

I applied on February 6, heard I was wait-listed on May 25th and received the acceptance email the night of July 1st. The program begins August 15th.

Interested in the program and considering applying for next summer's program? Listen to past Lectures & Readings.

Have you been or are you going? I'd love to hear about your experiences and any advice you might have (that is, beyond saving up to pay for the tuition.)


Moira said...

Never went to the Writers' Conference, but I did spend four glorious summers at Bread Loaf working on my MA. Pack bug dope, leave your cell phone at home (it will not work there!) and be prepared for a magical experience!!

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Thanks for your advice! I imagine your program was amazing.

Lisa Blackwell said...

Hi Chloe,

I went to Bread Loaf in Vermont back in 97 when I was primarily working on fiction. It was a great experience and I met a lot of great writers. Middlebury and the site of the conference is absolutely beautiful. The food they served was excellent.

This year I'm going to Bread Loaf in Sicily. I can't wait!


Chloe Yelena Miller said...

I had forgotten that you told me about that, Lisa. That's great about the food. Wow - Sicily! That sounds really amazing. I look forward to hearing about it. Maybe you'd like to share your experiences in a guest post after you return? Email me if you're interested.

Erika D. said...

I've never gone (except to attend a lecture), but I know that this is a big deal. Congrats, Chlo!

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Thanks, Erika!

MBene said...

I am going for the first time this summer (2014), at the age of 66. I've attended only very low-pressure conferences until now (PBPF & FAWC), and loved every minute. Since I am still early in my trajectory as a poet (rehearsing for my next life I think) I've decided to relax and take Bread Loaf as easily as possible. Ha!

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Fantastic and enjoy!