Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rejection Letters: Cause for celebration?

Writing takes a strong stomach, thick skin and other metaphors related to staving off illness or infection. And so does receiving rejection letters.

Rejection letters are emailed, mailed or understood through a published list of winners (that is, a list that doesn't include your name.) I’ve received copies of poems X-ed out,  the word “no” scrawled across a cover letter I mailed, ripped slips of paper with a crookedly printed form letter and more.

The more you submit, the more likely it is that you’ll end up with rejection letters. You can save them for posterity, write a found poem or create other snarky art projects, but why not move forward? 

Someone once told my husband that every submission should be celebrated. It takes a lot of work to draft, edit, revise, and polish your work. Then it takes time to find the right home for it and craft an appropriate cover letter. And then there’s the work of keeping track of your submissions

While celebrating your acceptances (more will come the more you submit!), you should also celebrate all of your submissions. 

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