Monday, September 10, 2012

September 11:Literature for both darkness & light

Thinking of both light and darkness this week

Last year on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I blogged about where I was that day. And now it is just about the eleventh anniversary.

I still physically react to memories and images from that date. When I walked into the 9/11 gallery at the Newseum a few months ago, I had to quickly walk back out and recompose myself.

Tomorrow I have appointments and things to do, just like on any other day. I find it hard to schedule everyday things on that calendar day or see listings that include the date.

We turn to art and literature in darkness, both to comprehend the darkness and find some light. Here are some lines from poems where I find light (while they are not technically 9/11 poems, do click through for the full poems):

by Gregory Orr

That, and the beloved’s clear instructions:
Turn me into song; sing me awake.

by Nick Flynn

First thing we should do / if we see each other again is to make / a cage of our bodies—inside we can place / whatever still shines.

From Mourners
by Ted Kooser

They came this afternoon to say goodbye,
but now they keep saying hello and hello,
peering into each other’s faces,
slow to let go of each other’s hands.