Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unrest: Editing Thanks to Amy Bucklin of Clear Sky Writing

In the writing classes I teach, we discuss the importance of editing and revising as students draft their papers and peer edit each other’s work. I always say that self-editing is one of the hardest things to do. By gaining practice peer editing work by others, writers strengthen their editing skills and can, in turn, become better self-editors.

The other lesson is that everyone, from beginning to seasoned writers, need an editor. Including me.

When it came time to submit the final manuscript for publication to Finishing Line Press, I started to doubt myself. I suddenly lost all memory of grammatical rules about which I usually feel confident. Sure, I had drafted, revised, edited and redrafted the individual poems and the manuscript as a whole before submitting to the press, but I wanted to be sure that each word, space, line break and punctuation mark was exactly right before the book was published.

That’s where Amy Bucklin from Clear Sky Writing came in. Amy read through my manuscript carefully. She offered great feedback about individual words, spacing, even italics in the titles, and punctuation. It was a great relief to know that someone besides myself (and a few other friends and family members, to whom I’m very grateful) interrogated the marks on the pages.

Thank you again to Amy, a dear friend from our undergraduate days at Smith College, for her amazing work and calming approach.

If you are looking for Copywriting, Copyediting and Proofreading Services, I strongly recommend Amy Bucklin of Clear Sky Writing.

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