Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Unrest: Story of a Cover

Unrest, my poetry chapbook from Finishing Line Press (now available for preorder) describes the emotional and physical unrest that follows a loss. I hoped the cover would show both the lights and darks of these poems. After all, lights and darks only exist because of their contrast with the other.

My husband, Hans Noel, designed the cover, using a photograph that my mother, Melabee M. Miller, had taken. I love how our arts combine on the cover of my first published collection of poetry.

I also love the simplicity – the sky, something we see everyday – and the surprise inherent in the color variation. The white space breaking the image adds to the unrest of what has the potential to be either a very sunny or stormy sky.

And skies like this exist. Just the other day, I looked out our front windows and saw similar clouds billowing over the buildings across the street. The evening was cool and the threatening rains never came. 

Thank you again to my husband and mother for helping to create the cover.


melabee said...

You're welcome. It is thrilling for me to see your words and my photo so beautifully merged together. Thanks. Love, Mom

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Thanks, Mom! :-)