Sunday, October 7, 2012

Unrest: Author Interview @ Andilit

Thank you to Andi Cumbo, lovely author behind Andilit, for posing such great questions during a recent interview.

Here's an excerpt:

2. What role, if any, did books, writing, and reading play in your childhood?

I am pretty sure I wrote my first poem one summer when I was about six. As an only child, I was pestering my father one summer morning to “play.” He was trying to read the newspaper and told me to go do something. I asked what and he said something like, “go write a poem.” And I did. While I suppose he said that because it was a quiet activity, he’s always been happy to hear me read my work when I share it with him.

Read the full interview here.

For more from Andi, read her guest blog post about how writing a book changed her.

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