Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Unrest: Update

Learn more about the cover

We are mid-way through the Unrest Pre-Sale period! Thank you to everyone who has already reserved a copy. Since the final print run is determined by the pre-sale, I hope you’ll consider supporting me, Unrest, and this blog by purchasing your copy today. 

To sample the poetry chapbook, click through to read previously published poems from Unrest, as well as the story behind one love poem.

As a part of the pre-sale virtual tour, I’ve visited Margaret Rozga’s For Words blog and shared some thoughts about editing the manuscript. I’ve also been interviewed by Andi Cumbo, from Andilit. Look for an upcoming post on Erika Dreifus’ Practicing Writing.

There will be (live, not virtual) readings and events in the spring. There are scheduled events in Maryland, Delaware and New York City, and more to come in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New Jersey. Bring your copy of Unrest to be signed.

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