Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Writing Prompt: Halloween

Glover Park yard scene in Washington, D.C.

Happy Halloween!

As you open the doors to trick-or-treaters or go door-to-door with your own goblin, think about your own early Halloween costumes and rituals. Choose a year and describe what you wore, where you went, who you were with and what happened.

If you can, work to create a vivid scene by writing in the present tense. Relive your own anticipation and excitement of knocking on a stranger's door and waiting for a treat with your open bag. (It is a strange custom, right?)

Write for at least ten minutes nonstop. Set a timer, if you like. If you get stuck while you're writing, simply repeat something like, "I'm writing about Halloween." Eventually you'll get bored and return to the scene. Of course, if the prompt brings you somewhere else, that's fine, too. A prompt is meant to get you started, not necessarily to tell you where to end up.

When the ten minutes are over, re-read what you've written and underline the most interesting ideas, images or lines. These particular words and lines, as well as the brainstorming, might be the beginning a new piece.

If you like, share your writing or experiences below in the Comments section. 

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