Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Adjunct Professor Salaries & The Adjunct Project

Are you an adjunct professor or considering becoming one? The Adjunct Project has put together important data about this world. I highly recommend their website. Here's more about them in their own words:

The Adjunct Project began in February 2012 as a simple crowd-sourced Google spreadsheet onto which over 1500 adjunct professors added details about their extreme working conditions. The original spreadsheet was developed by Josh Boldt as a way to compile data on the treatment of these contingent faculty members. The first call to action announced: “Combining our knowledge and resources will help us all to better understand the reality of life as an adjunct professor. The goal of this website is to identify universities that set the standard for best practices with regard to adjuncts.”

The Adjunct Project has since evolved into a website which houses the original Google Doc, an adjunct blog, and a niche job board. The Adjunct Project job site displays jobs specifically for educated, driven people who seek careers in higher education and also in the new fields categorized as the “alternate academy” (Alt-Ac). The job board also posts for positions outside of academia that require the same superior writing, research, and leadership skills these advanced degree holders acquired in graduate school.

Goals of the Adjunct Project
            Empower adjunct professors
            Match talented and educated people with career tracks in which they will succeed and will be appreciated
            Promote transparency in higher education employment practices
            Provide a quick reference for teachers, students, and parents regarding the value a given school places on education and human rights
            Recognize schools that are treating faculty well
            Expose schools that are not treating faculty well
            Connect adjunct professors and anyone who is interested in saving American higher education

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