Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Literary Agent Search Resources

Are you searching for a literary agent?

If you haven't already, start to submit your work to literary magazines before you submit your manuscript or selection, along with a query letter, to an agent. Your query letter will be stronger if you can list some previous publications. If you are working on a longer collection, like a memoir, you might pull out some sections and craft them to stand on their own as individual essays. Try to publish shorter pieces, like essays or short stories, before submitting your entire manuscript to an agent or press.

Do understand that agents primarily represent fiction and non-fiction authors. Poets will likely be submitting their manuscript to small presses (independent literary and university presses) and first time book publishing contests.

The literary world, as you might guess, is generally struggling financially. I strongly recommend that you not only read literary magazines before you submit, but also subscribe to one or two every year to help support them. You can search through literary magazines for submissions and subscriptions through the links here.

Once you start submitting to literary magazines, presses or agents, you'll need to keep track of your submissions. For more tips on organizing your submissions, click here. Of course the downside to submitting is that all of us will and do receive rejections. Here's a more optimistic view on the inevitable rejections.

To search for agents, look at the Writer's Digest books. Writer's Market will give you share tips on how-to search for an agent, what to put into your query letter, as well as lists of agents. You can also search through their site. Poets & Writer's Magazine has a great online search for agents, too, through their website.

You might look through some of these related articles about finding a literary agent from Writer's Digest.

Do you have a question or suggestion about finding a literary agent? Please share in the Comments Section below. 

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