Monday, January 14, 2013

Reflecting Back on The Year of Health

Doing Something Else: Visiting Mount St. Helens this summer

Last January I declared 2012 THE YEAR OF HEALTH. I’m happy to report, one year later, that I’ve made some substantial changes in my lifestyle. I expect that 2013 will continue with this positive trend (and writing it here will help to keep me accountable, right?)

We all want to feel good, live longer and experience productive, ideally thrilling!, days. For writers, this includes being alert to the world and then translating that attention into well-placed words.

Aside from writing and work goals, I had four main categories that I wanted to improve upon last year:
     Get out of the house for fresh air and sunshine
     Fresh food
     Do something else
As a workaholic and busy writer, these were the areas that most often got neglected. Exercise and getting out of the house went hand-in-hand for me since 2012: I now try to take advantage of the nice weather by taking a two mile walk a few times a week. I usually listen to poetry podcasts or spend some quiet time reflecting on a piece of writing. 

We joined a CSA again last year and I’ve been cooking with more whole grains and nutrient-packed foods like chia seeds (here are some favorite new cookbooks). As for “doing something else,” there isn’t always time, but I have been going to more readings, museums and generally doing more sight-seeing in our lovely nation’s capital.

Of course there are weeks when all of this falls through the cracks, like holiday eating or final-paper-grading-time, but overall, I’ve started to form healthier habits. What lifestyle goals did you meet last year that fed, literally or figuratively, your writing? How will you continue them this year?

Click through for more on specific writing goals and making the time to meet them. 

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