Monday, September 16, 2013

Writing Prompt: The end as a new beginning

The end can suggest a new beginning.

What happens after the last page of your memoir? Remember that conclusions should point towards the future. How can you end your manuscript while suggesting a second? It could be something that actually happened or something that you think might happen.

What final chapters have you read that did this well?

Write for at least ten minutes nonstop. Set a timer, if you like. If you get stuck while you're writing, simply repeat something like, "The end is a new beginning." Eventually you'll get bored and return to the manuscript. Of course, if the prompt brings you somewhere else, that's fine, too. A prompt is meant to get you started, not to tell you where to end up.

When the ten minutes are over, re-read what you've written and underline the most interesting ideas, images or lines. These particular words and lines, as well as the brainstorming, might offer you the beginning of a new piece or help you to better understand the character you’re developing for a larger piece.

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