Monday, October 7, 2013

Reviews of Unrest and Published Poems

Everyone likes good news and I hope you don't mind if I share some with you. As a busy, working new mamma, I'm particularly excited to see that my writing life continues.

I'm excited to share two reviews of Unrest:

Eric LeMay writes in Alimentum Journal, "In twenty-two lyric poems, Miller gives us a vision that reckons with loss and love, desire and distance, all the while aware of the very human acts that make us who we are. In “Dying at Home, 1937,” the poem opens with a bedside scene. A father is about to die:

His daughter massaged his eyelids with careful thumbs,
as if petting a goldfish.

That goldfish grounds the experience, lets us grasp it as readers. And it’s Miller’s awareness of how we moor our greatest concerns in the small touch that gives her collection its power."

Jude Marr writes in Ghost Ocean Magazine, "The last, and longest, poem in this chapbook is called “Haunt Me. Repeat.” If Miller required me to “unrest” as a prerequisite for becoming her reader, then this may be my response. “Haunt me. Repeat.” Job done."

I'm also thrilled two have two prose poems published in the Beltway Poetry Review. One poem is about my great Aunt Dora and the other is a love poem to my husband.

I hope you'll click through the links to read the full reviews and poems. 

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