Friday, November 15, 2013

Modern Loss & A Poem for a Friend

I was moved to read about the new website Modern Loss recently on Slate. Modern Loss is a collection of articles and essays about just that - loss. The essays are beautiful. Here is a line from a piece by Emily Rapp that has stayed with me, "My son’s life was ending. Mine was not. To want to live is not a failure of love, but a tribute to the person you’ve loved and lost."

After losing my great aunt two years ago, I've been writing and reading a lot about loss. This new website helps to fill in some of the gaps and provide a community in our nation where we tend to expect everyone to simply "get on with it" after losing someone. As a new mamma, I was particularly interested in the recent piece about (non-religious) children's books on the topic.

This last weekend, we lost a dear family friend, Nicky Baccile. In the spirit of participating in a larger conversation on mourning, I'd like to share a poem I've been working on in his memory:

for Nicky

Baby smiles in his stroller-sleep
as we follow the streets home.
A taxi blocks the traffic, mailman sorts his packages;
just another day.

Autumnal light recasts
the gingko’s yellows.

I think of you in Abruzzo,
leading our family through a field high above the Adriatic.
Summer shadows were playful
creatures through the grass.

We hadn’t yet lifted glasses of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
to toast hand-woven mozzarella and round bread loaves,
al dente pasta with fresh mint and walnuts,
roasted pork with a side of spinach and

our days together.

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melabee said...

A lovely tribute. Thanks.