Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Submit. Submit Again. Submit Better.

Samuel Beckett famously wrote, "Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

Submitting your work for publication would benefit from the same approach. Submit. Submit again. Submit better. Research the publications you're considering submitting to and following their requirements. And if you're rejected, consider a better fit for your work and continue to edit and revise your writing.

It is 100% certain that you will not be published if you don't submit your work. If you are spending your time working to improve a piece of writing, then, when it is ready, why not work to find a larger audience for it?

If you're a poet, consider submitting to Toadlily Press. They publish four chapbooks in one perfect bound book. Submit 16-18 pages of poetry and $20 online reading fee (waived for students) through February 15. Winning poets receive $100 and 25 copies of the book. (As you might remember, I've been working with them and think they are fabulous!)

For more on submissions, you might be interested in this post about keeping track of your submissions or this one about "good" rejection letters.  

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