Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Post AWP Muddle: Making Sense of it all

Poets: Don't forget about toadlily press!

We all leave, or at least hope to leave, the annual AWP conference with a long list that includes submission opportunities, contests, residencies, names of new friends and new books and journals. 

How to make sense of that precarious pile on your desk? 

Be sure to go through it all before you forget what your scribbled notes mean. Keep lists of places to submit (you might organize them by deadline or project.)

I have strict rules about where books and journals belong. Books I’ve read are allowed on the shelves. If I haven’t read them yet, I have other piles organized by full length books, journals and craft books. Poetry, fiction and non-fiction are separated. Yes, there are a lot of piles and while it sounds organized, it isn't neat (other suggestions?) Between the books I already have, library books and new books, I think I’ve got the next few months (even the year?) laid out for me.

Do keep in touch with the people you’ve met. For the folks you've connected with, write emails, follow their blogs and friend them on FB.

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