Sunday, October 25, 2015

Before A Writing Coach Session

My writing coach sessions are writer-led. Unlike a class in which you are given an assignment, in a writing coach session you tell me what you are looking to accomplish.

This open-ended quality of a writing coach appointment can be inspiring or paralyzing. It is meant to be inspiring, of course.

Here is a list of things to think about before our first session. We will discuss most, if not all, of them:

What is your writing experience? 
What is your academic, professional, familial, linguistic and geographic background that might influence your writing?
What are your goals (short and long term)?
Why are these your goals and/or what motivates you?
Who is your audience? (Are you looking to publish in literary journals, sell your book or self-publish a book for your family and friends?)
How much time do you have to work on your project? 
What kind of feedback are you looking for? (Overall, line-by-line, or somewhere in between?)
How much direction do you want? (Should I be offering you prompts or do you already have an outline to follow?)
What do you like to read? 
Are you looking for a reading list? 
Do you attend readings, conferences, festivals, etc.?

I like to get to know my clients and understand them. My goal is to help them to intensify their own voices and, ultimately, find readers.

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