Friday, September 30, 2016

Resources for Adult, Professional Writers

As a writing coach, I sometimes work with adults who want to write more easily and clearly at work.

To encourage writing through prompts, I always recommend one of my favorite books, Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg

Thanks to Amy Bucklin of Clear Sky Writing for these additional resources that they - and you! - might find helpful:

Hemingway Editor: An editing program that helps you to write better through color coding errors, adverbs, etc.

Find quick and clear writing tips from Entrepreneur and Inc. Here are some more tips from Publication Coach.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. 

This morning we, two white parents, got ourselves and our son, a white three year old, ready for school.

We didn't worry about his getting shot today.

We fed him, dressed him, got him into the car, drove through our neighborhood, got him out of the car and walked him into his classroom without worrying about him getting shot. We didn't look over our shoulders or worry about what he was wearing. My husband walked to his office without worrying about getting shot, too.

We will pick up our toddler this afternoon, maybe go for a walk, feed him dinner and then go bed without fearing bullets and other people's fear or anger.

We will repeat this routine every weekday throughout the academic school year. We will not fear his getting murdered today or when he's older because of his skin color.

He will go to elementary, middle and high school without this fear. He will not carry the fear with him to college. He will not look for his first full-time job while being afraid. We won't stay up late at night afraid.

Parents of black children should not have to live daily with the fear their boys and men could be shot and killed. Children should not have to live with the fear of getting killed or their loved ones getting killed.

Black Lives Matter. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Black Lives Matter.

Do your part as parents: 

We, including white people, have to talk about race with our partners, family, friends and children. Studies show that talking early and openly with your children about race makes a positive difference.

Find books with diverse characters on Black Children's Books and VideosThe Brown Bookshelf and  through We Need Diverse Books' resources.

As a white woman, I asked myself, "What kind of white person do you want to be?"